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Welcome to Intersections

Welcome to Intersections, a part of the Journal of Intersectional Social Justice! Intersections is a blog-style publication that will be run jointly with the academic publication, Journal of Intersectional Social Justice.

Intersections is a more casual style publication. Still focusing on academia-related topics, at Intersections we want to introduce people to academia in a simple, consumable manner. These range from introductory topical posts, explorations of topics, book and article reviews, etc! There is so much to explore under the umbrella of "intersectionality" and "social justice" we want to help people learn it all!

All of our social media posts that you can find on our Instagram will usually have a corresponding article which you can find here! Intersections will be posting 3 post types: articles linked to social media posts, articles created by our dedicated Blog Team, and finally independent submissions sourced from external, independent student authors from all over the world!

Submissions for Intersections will open late February 2022. In the meantime, please follow our socials to stay up to date! The academic publication, the Journal of Intersectional Social Justice, will be opening for submissions in late January 2022.

We look forward to receiving your submissions, and have fun learning through our accessible publications here at Intersections!


Avery Benton is a MSc student at the London School of Economics & Political Science studying Political Sociology. She is the Founder & Head Editor of the Journal of Intersectional Social Justice. Originally from the United States, she now resides in London, England.


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