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About JISJ

The Journal for Intersectional Social Justice is a student-led initiative with the purpose of highlighting the umbrella of topics under “social justice”. This includes, and is not limited to; climate change, gender equality/feminism, queer rights, anti-racism, decolonization practices, marginalized communities visibility, etc. The purpose of the journal is to create an academic space for students, undergraduate and postgraduate, to submit research related to the topic of social justice. The journal focuses on this topic specifically, however it is open to a multidisciplinary cohort of submissions. This is to mean that the journal will accept submissions from any field of study, so long as they pertain to a research topic within social justice. The JISJ is unique in that it operates in a new field of academia, bringing academia to the consumable public. JISJ aims to promote academia in a digestible and relatable manner through social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The JISJ believes that academia should be accessible to all and tackle the issue of gatekeeping and accessibility within the field. The JISJ runs two sister publications, the academic journal the Journal of Intersectional Social Justice, and our online blog publication Intersections.

The Journal of Intersectional Social Justice

The Journal publishes student essays in the course of a degree or independent research projects. Current university students may submit as well as former students. Former students may only submit previous work which was completed in the course of a degree. The first issue of the Journal will be published in summer 2022. Submissions are now open! To learn how to submit, please click "submit" anywhere on the website and make sure to read the whole How To Submit section. We look forward to your submission!

Intersections Online Publication

The JISJ blog Intersections is hosted here on our website. Intersections allows submissions from all levels of education, including high school students who are not permitted to submit to the Journal. Intersections submissions can be submitted through the button on our homepage. Please make sure to read all relevant material you will find when following the link to the submission portal. 


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